PolarSSL supports a number of different build environments out-of-the-box.

But the code and dependencies are so easy that you can build with any environment without any issues.

UNIX or Cygwin/MinGW Make

In a regular UNIX environment, or Cygwin/MinGW environment you can simply build by running:


To run the test suite, run:

make check

UNIX or Cygwin/MinGW CMake

If you have CMake, the build process is better able to handle all the dependencies and do minimal builds. To build the source using CMake, run:

cmake .

To run the test suite, run:

make tests

In addition the CMake build system supports different build modes, to allow the stripping of debug information, or to add coverage information to the binaries. The following modes are supported:

This generates the default code without any unnecessary information in the binary files.
This generates debug information and disables optimization of the code.
This generates code coverage information in addition to debug information.

Switching build modes in CMake is simple. For debug mode, enter at the command line:

cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:String="Debug" .

Windows Visual Studio 6 / Visual C++ 6

Inside Visual C++: open "visualc/VS6/polarssl.dsw" and select "Rebuild all"

Windows Visual Studio 2010

Inside Visual C++: open "visualc/VS2010/PolarSSL.sln" and select "Rebuild all"

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