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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oC_asn1_bitstringContainer for ASN1 bit strings
oC_asn1_bufType-length-value structure that allows for ASN1 using DER
oC_asn1_named_dataContainer for a sequence or list of 'named' ASN.1 data items
oC_asn1_sequenceContainer for a sequence of ASN.1 items
oC_ssl_cache_contextCache context
oC_ssl_cache_entryThis structure is used for storing cache entries
oC_ssl_ciphersuite_tThis structure is used for storing ciphersuite information
oC_x509_crlCertificate revocation list structure
oC_x509_crl_entryCertificate revocation list entry
oC_x509_crtContainer for an X.509 certificate
oC_x509_csrCertificate Signing Request (CSR) structure
oC_x509_timeContainer for date and time (precision in seconds)
oC_x509write_certContainer for writing a certificate (CRT)
oC_x509write_csrContainer for writing a CSR
oCaes_contextAES context structure
oCarc4_contextARC4 context structure
oCblowfish_contextBlowfish context structure
oCcamellia_contextCAMELLIA context structure
oCcipher_base_tBase cipher information
oCcipher_context_tGeneric cipher context
oCcipher_info_tCipher information
oCctr_drbg_contextCTR_DRBG context structure
oCdes3_contextTriple-DES context structure
oCdes_contextDES context structure
oCdhm_contextDHM context structure
oCecdh_contextECDH context structure
oCecdsa_contextECDSA context structure
oCecp_curve_infoCurve information for use by other modules
oCecp_groupECP group structure
oCecp_keypairECP key pair structure
oCecp_pointECP point structure (jacobian coordinates)
oCentropy_contextEntropy context structure
oCgcm_contextGCM context structure
oChavege_stateHAVEGE state structure
oChmac_drbg_contextHMAC_DRBG context
oChr_timeTimer structure
oCmd2_contextMD2 context structure
oCmd4_contextMD4 context structure
oCmd5_contextMD5 context structure
oCmd_context_tGeneric message digest context
oCmd_info_tMessage digest information
oCmpiMPI structure
oCoid_descriptor_tBase OID descriptor structure
oCpk_contextPublic key container
oCpk_debug_itemItem to send to the debug module
oCpk_info_tPublic key information and operations
oCripemd160_contextRIPEMD-160 context structure
oCrsa_contextRSA context structure
oCsha1_contextSHA-1 context structure
oCsha256_contextSHA-256 context structure
oCsha512_contextSHA-512 context structure
oCsource_stateEntropy source state
\Cxtea_contextXTEA context structure